Saturday, May 28, 2011


So sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I had taken a sanity day off from work.  It was great!  I brought the kids to school and then went for swim at the pool.  I had the lifeguard time me for my 500 yds as they wanted a time so that they could put you in the appropriate wave for my sprint tri next weekend.  I swam the 500 in 9:56!  Yay me!  I was pretty happy with that time.  I thought I was around 11 or 12 so being closer to 10 was really nice.  I did 500 x 3 total and then hit the showers. 

After swimming at this pool for the past few weeks, I have figured out a nice way to avoid the gaggle of hens that are in the locker room after their water therapy.  (They are all lovely women, I just prefer to have quiet and privacy.  Oh, and my shower of choice.  Somehow, one of the is always in my favorite shower....)  Anyway, there are two separate locker rooms, one for women (over 18) and one for girls.  This week I had the brilliant idea of going into the girls locker room as the "girls" should be in school still (it was Friday at 8:00 a.m.).  What a super idea!  It was empty!  And there wasn't smelly carpet on the floor like there is in the women's locker room.  It was tile.  I had my choice of where to change, choice of shower and only one other woman was in there after my swim.  I decided she was smart too.   Unfortunately, my super idea is only going to last for another two weeks until school gets out and then the locker room will be full of summer camp kids.  Oh well, I can look forward to September.

After my swim,  I headed out to Freeport for some retail therapy.  I purchased a few things at the Nike outlet, Banana Republic and Reebok.  Then on to Portland to meet BD for a run around Back Bay.  The sun so kindly made its appearance and it was actually warm out!  We had a great chat and almost did the loop twice, which would have been 7 miles.  I was the party pooper on that though, I was tired from my swim that morning and my legs just didn't have it in me to finish the second loop.  We ended up with a total of about 5 miles.  Still an excellent day! 

Ok, so enough of all that blah blah about my day off.  What we really want to get down to is the winner of my first giveaway!  Well, I was able to get another voucher for the Xperio Polarized lenses so I actually chose two winners.  I didn't have many entries so the chances were pretty good for those that did enter.  S my eldest child chose the winners out of a hat and the first winner was Jenn of milesmusclesmommyhood!  Yay Jenn!  I know you really wanted these lenses so that was great!  (She actually chose your name again, but we picked another since you had already won... ) The second winner was Bobbi (aka Joshua under the entries)!  Yay Bobbi! 

Send your mailing address to bouchard at midcoast dot com and I will mail you out your voucher.  You can redeem it through my office or any other independent eye doctors office.  You will need an ophthalmic quality frame to put these lenses into.  (That's eye speak for a good pair of glasses.)  Congratulations and enjoy!

Have a super Memorial Day weekend everyone!


Christi said...

Yay for the winners!

Unknown said...

winner winner!!
can i comment??

Unknown said...

yay, I can :)
Thank you for hosting such a fabulous giveaway-I am super psyched and this is much needed item right now so really, thank you!
will be in touch with the deets!