Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Sissy!

Today is my beautiful daughter's birthday!  My first born.  I cannot believe that she is 12.  I cannot believe that I am the mother of a 12 year old.  I am not that old.  I can still remember almost every detail about the birth and bringing her home:
--The brownie points we got with the nurses and doctors when we brought in muffins as I was admitted. 
--The reaction to one of the medications I received for my c-section that made me freak out and grab all the IV's and try to get up. 
--The absolute surprise when they said "It's a Girl!"  I was 100% sure I was having a boy.  My mother's instinct sucks, I guess...
--Having her sleep with us for the first 6 months of her life.  (in hindsight, not the best idea...)
--Nursing her and having her grow and thrive because of the food I was providing for her.
--Loving someone more than you could ever imagine.

I don't have any baby pictures on this computer so we'll have to start around age 5 ish.

With her little sister

Loving her baby brother

First bird!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl!  I love you to the moon and back. <3


Carrie said...

Happy birthday!

Lisa said...

My mother still is in awe that she has 45 year old twins (one of them would be me!) and a 43 year old.

Your Sissy is a doll :)

Caratunk Girl said...

Aww, happy birthday Sissy!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Love all the great pictures! happy birthday!

Christi said...

Happy Birthday to sissy!

My son's birthday is today. He is 20 years old. Yes, I had him when I was 12! :)