Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Not to Wear

I will have an end of month report tomorrow.  I forgot to bring my log book to work with me so I have no idea about my totals for the month.  I'm sure you all will be sitting on the edge of your seat until you can read my blog tomorrow.  ha.

Anyhoo, I have a few things to blabber about today so here goes.  I woke up this morning and went into my closet to find something to wear.  You can probably figure out where this is going......  Well, now that we have jumped head first directly into winter, it seems as though I have nothing but clothes from 1980 to wear.  When does that happen?  One day your clothes are normal, if not cool, and the next day they are outdated and frumpy. 



(I suppose that didn't happen in one day, but it seems like it!)  I have plenty of summer wear items that look newer and somewhat trendy but really nothing in the winter clothes department that even resembles hip.  I need a "What Not to Wear" intervention.  It seems as though almost all my clothes were purchased anywhere from 5-7 years ago.  Oh right, that was just about the time I had my second then third child.  I guess that explains a lot.

I went from at least monthly trips to the mall or outlet stores to bitching and moaning about heading to the mall once a year.  Only to further bitch and moan about the cost of things and how we have oil to buy and mortgage payments to make.  Because going to the mall means this:

$60 gas to get there and back
$60 at least for lunch out for 5 people (unless you eat at the gross food court, then it's only $30)
$80-100 dollars of stuff for the kids
kids hiding in the racks or running through the store while I try to find my size, all the while saying, Mom are you done yet?  I want to go to the Apple store!

which then in turn = $0 of stuff for mom.  And here we are at the reason for frumpy mom clothes.

There just doesn't ever seem to be a good time to go blow $600 on trendy decent work clothes.  Not to mention I am so over wearing heels and nylons.  It just isn't practical in Maine winters to wear heels and a dress with nylons to work, schlepping through the snow and ice, only to change at lunch and workout and get all sweaty to come back to work and put on the nylons and dress.   Yuck. 

Even still.  I think I need an intervention.  I believe it is time for me to purge my closet of anything older than my youngest and bite the bullet and get some new things. 

Cripes.  When did I become so cheap?  Being an adult stinks.

Do you have frumpy mom clothes?

How often do you splurge on new things for yourself? 
and I'm not talking about running stuff!!!


Bobbi said...

First of all....I have NEVER seen you look frumpy! But yes, 7 years is a looooonnnngg time and certainly qualifies you for some new stuff! ONLINE SHOPPING is the way to go!!! Work those discounts and free shipping codes. Your bedroom becomes your dressing room. And a lot of times the return shipping is free too so it doesn't cost you a thing to try stuff on. Eventually you'll get a feel for how brands fit and you'll get better at ordering the right sizes. My faves are J Crew, Banana, Boden, Piperlime, Anthropologie. "Like" your faves on fb, get on the email lists and there are tons of special "3 hour only" sales, etc. And of course, when you do get a day sans the kids, call me to meet you at the mall ;-)

Lisa said...

I'm really good about making sure I have good running clothes, but regular clothes? Notsomuch. I'm with you.

Carrie said...

I am so with you... The last time I bought anything not running related was maternity clothes. And now I fit back into the clothes pre-pregnancy, which means 5 years ago. I feel that the still cute things I have (like two tops and a pair of pants), I wear all the time. People must think that is all I wear...because it is! Good thing we can't afford to go out much!

Running With The Girls said...

I try my best to not look frumpy, but I don't have the budget to buy new clothes all of the time -so I like to frequent consignment shops. I have 2 in Gardiner that I love. I actually take things there that I get tired of - when those items sell, I get "credit" and then I buy more stuff. It's a win win for me. A lot cheaper too. Kids are expensive and those trips to the mall do totally wipe you out with gas, lunch/dinner, kids hiding/running!

Christi said...

If I could wear training clothes all day I would be set. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

I keep saying I will buy clothes when I lose the weight I want to lose. I haven't lost the weight and kept it off longer enough so that means very few new clothes!