Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Full Moon Monday

Wow!  is it Monday for sure!  Last night was delightful with both my son and my middle daughter crying and not going to sleep, each for different reasons.  My son's stomach hurt but he hadn't eaten hardly anything so I didn't think he was going to puke.  He tried to poop but no luck there.  So we just had to wait it out and hope the vomit wasn't on its way.  Meanwhile, drama queen Princess, decided to rear her miserable side at 10 o'clock and 1 a.m.  Just at the same time as Manimal was needing attention.  Coincidence?  Not likely.  That girl really knows how to push my buttons, let me tell you.  She is the one of my kids who just will keep going and going and just doesn't know when to stop.  I'd tell her to stop and get back into bed and she'd say No! and cry louder.  Like she wants to wake up everyone else in the house.  All because she didn't want the cat coming into her room.  I can handle one kid crying at night (well, kinda) but two kids put me over the edge.  It was not a good night.

Now Manimal needs to be picked up from school--same belly ache, still no puke though, so I'm not convinced of the actual sickness.  We shall see.  I'm off to get him as soon as I finish up at work.  I swear, all hell breaks loose after every long weekend.

Oh, so I'll share an interesting story from our long weekend.  We went north to Jackman to go hunting.  No, I don't hunt but my husband and daughter do and the other two kids like to go so I go along for the ride.  It's not so bad because we stay in a cabin with tv, shower and toliet (otherwise, there's no way I would go).  Anyhoo, we are on the way up and we stop at KFC in Skowhegan to grab a bucket of chicken.  (Don't judge.  What else would you want to eat on the way to kill woodland creatures but a bucket of spicy, crispy grease-laden chicken?)

Now for those of you that don't know Skowhegan, it is not the nicest of towns.  It is basically an old mill or factory town.  Nothing special.  *Side note--New Balance sneakers are made here.  We go into the store, it is around 8 and order our food.  I carried Manimal because he had on his jammies and slippers and it was raining.  I put him down on the counter while we order and wait for our food.  I should point out that the counter was covered with dirty trays and old used napkins and such, the staff looked like they were just paroled from the local jail complete with Momma from "Throw Momma from the Train".  The floor out in the kitchen was covered with various types of trash:  food, plastic wrap, papers, napkins etc.   It was not the cleanest of places.  It's KFC--what did you expect?

Momma.  If you haven't seen this movie, it is freakin' funny.  netflicks it.

So the guy who ordered ahead of us decides to tell my husband to take the kid off the counter.  Not the employees, this random guy waiting for tacos.  Really?  It's not the freakin' Ritz Carlton.  It's a KFC and the place is a shithole.  I think my son was the cleanest thing in the place!  I proceed to take him off the counter and my husband and the man have a few words and hubs points out the garbage and shit all over the place and says that our son is probably cleaner than anything in here including the staff. 

I swear it's like random people just want to start up something with other people just to get them riled up.

Right, this is a running/triathlon blog isn't it?  Let's get back to that.  I don't have any races planned at the moment but I'd like to get in on a Holiday Themed race--like a turkey trot or Christmas one.  I'll have to look around to find one and hope that it works in with my schedule.

Our new Y pool is finally open!  It is pretty nice and the lap time is super convenient for me.  I can continue to do my noon time swim on Fridays like I had been doing all spring.  I'm so glad I won't have to drive but 10 minutes from my house!  We went as a family yesterday and I got in 2000 yds while the kids played with their friends.  I'm hoping that sometime in the next year or two, I can join the 100 mile club.  I'll have to pick up the pace if I want to do it in a year.  But that's a nice goal to work towards. 

Our Y's new pool!

Welcome to my new followers!  I am so happy to have you all!  It really makes me feel good to hear my phone buzz and see a new comment on my blog.  I'm so thrilled that people actually read my blabber.  Today's rant is just an anomaly.  I'm usually very witty and have super interesting things to say.  ;)

How does the full moon affect your life?

Do random people come out of nowhere to say things to piss you off?

Did you sign up for my Chica Bands giveaway


Christi said...

Damn KFC! Though, I love their chicken and me and my boy had some this weekend.

I hope the kiddo is feeling better.

Bobbi said...

A friend of mine, Perian Moore, owns InspireME Personal Fitness Training in Bath. They do a Turkey Trot every year that benefits the local food pantry. I have always wanted to do it, but we usually go north for the holiday. Here's the fb link for more info :)

Sorry to hear about Manimal :( I hope you all get some extra good sleep tonight....

Lisa said...

Early Sunday morning, I was driving to a friends to attend a bridal shower. I was in the correct lane, pulling up to another car who was preparing to turn right on red. As he proceeded to take that turn, he flipped me the finger.

I was truly astonished as I hadn't done anything. If I had, I'd own it. But all I did was pull up to where I was supposed to. It pissed me off for a second and then I decided it was sad that he was already so pissy at 7:30 in the morning. Really????

Terzah said...

The rant cracked me up. People in shit-holes like that are always the touchiest about non-issues like a kid on the counter.

I'm sorry about the crying kids. I hate nights like that too.