Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Review

Monthly recap, here we go!

Miles Ran:  44.6  much lower than last month but better than what I had anticipated.  With the weather/daylight change and kids sports schedules, I just don't have any time to run at after work like I did all summer.  Once basketball gets going, I'll start running during practices in the field house.  yuck.  But better than the dreadmill.

Miles Swam:  1  Ok, not great but better than the goose egg I had last month!  The new pool at our Y is finished and will open to the public on Saturday!  yay!  I will be able to return to my weekly Friday swims next week.  That will be good to add this back into my routine since my running milage is decreasing.

Minutes on Spin Bike:  185  This is up a little from last month.  Good for me!  This continues to be an easy, convenient way to exercise for me during lunch. 

Minutes Weight Training:  70 same as last month.  Consistent at least. 

Tennis:  7 hours played  This is way up now that my cardio tennis classes are back in swing.  It's not as strenuous as running or spinning, but it is fun and still good exercise.

Races Run:  Maine 1/2 Marathon

Current Overindulgence:  Butterfinger minis from my kids trick-or-treat bags!  Get those damn things away from me!!  I cannot stop putting them into my mouth.  Then I spend the next hour picking them out of my teeth.  Bad for body, bad for teeth!  Just say no!

Current Song:  Still loving LMFAO's I'm Sexy and I Know It.  It just makes me laugh. 

Current Book:  Nothing.  I haven't found anything I want to read so I haven't read anything but the current issue of Women's Running Magazine. 

Current Wish List:  My list is pretty extensive right now.  I need some decent work clothes that fit me, black dress shoes, dress boots etc.  (cha-ching!)  I want (but don't need) some new running clothes.  I want my house to sell.  I want/need a new car.  All of which I will be able to afford if my house sells....

Current Dislike:  This winter that has arrived early and the impending time change this weekend.  yay to the extra hour of sleep, boo to the darkness at 4:30 p.m.

Current Goal:  Try to keep my running milage up despite the weather/darkness and begin swimming regularly again.

How was your month?

Are you looking forward to winter or dreading it?


Christi said...

I dread winter!

I hope you have great November!

Lisa said...

OK, your comment about "Butterfinger minis" and the time picking them out of your there a camera focused on me right now? No seriously, I've been doing the same thing today. It's especially dangerous today, since I'm working from home.

My October was great, culminating w/ my marathon and a few days off around it - I feel like I've been away from work forever!! It's been great :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Dreading winter! I hate when it gets to nasty out to run and I have to resort to the elliptical! Someday I hope to afford a treadmill!

Good luck getting your house sold!

Terzah said...

I like winter, if it's not icy on the sidewalks. I haven't yet resorted to the treadmill, but I may have to soon....

October was mostly treading water for me, with the significant dietary backsliding due to Halloween candy a definite factor....

Running With The Girls said...

I survived running outside all winter long last winter - only came in to use the dreadmill 1 time (thank goodness my daycare provider has one!) due to the windchill factor. I'm going to have to face my fears again this year and suck it up and get out there and just run in the dark. :) You can do it!!!

Also - I tend to log my longer miles on the weekends with the girls. You are more than welcome to join us on the Rail Trail in Gardiner!