Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tough Chiks Unite!

I've been meaning to write a post about the Tough Chik brand for a long time.  I just had to get the thoughts complete and compile my pictures before I was ready to put it all together.  Way back, gee, like a whole 8 months ago, I started my training for my first sprint tri.  At that time I ran across Jennifer's blog, and on it she was having a giveaway for a Tough Chik t-shirt.  That was my introduction to Tough Chik.  I loved it right away!  The styles are cute and flattering, but more importantly, I liked the message of  being a Tough Chik.  It sounds so cliche, but it really made me feel like I Can Do It!  I know I am tough in other aspects of my life--I've completed 8 years of college and received a doctorate, I run my own business, I am a mom of three, my house is kinda clean (most of the time) and my kids are well-mannered and polite.  But somehow, completing a sprint tri or running a 1/2 marathon seemed like something other people did.  As I did more and more running, spinning and swimming, I realized that I am able to do this, and do it well!  I'll never be Chrissy Wellington or Joan Benoit, but I can be in the best shape of my adult life (I don't count 22 as adult....) and telling myself that I am tough, has helped me when I wanted to stop. 

My girls, especially Princess, really likes being a Tough Chik as well!
Is she not the prettiest little girl??

Big Sissy has the same shirt and is just as awesome in hers!

I am addicted to this brand and have 3 shirts, multiple stickers and am now wishing for a visor!  Which I will soon have because I have joined the Tough Chik Team!  What a super idea!  I am so psyched to be on a team! (cause I won't ever be good enough for a sponsor....)  What a great way to get like minded runners/bikers/tri-ers together!  It's for everyone so click here if you want more information.

Run like you are being chased shirt.  Guess I should've put on some make-up.....  Tough Chik can't help everything.  lol

What I see each morning in the mirror when I get ready.

Don't be jealous of my mom-van.....you know you are.

So I just wanted to take a post to thank Shannon for her awesome company and all the inspiration and drive it has given me.  I am jealous of her clever brand and wish I was creative enough to come up with it myself.  I want her company and brand to have great success and sell tons of product so head on over to Tough Chik and join the team or buy yourself an awesome shirt.  Shannon--you'd better let me know if you ever come to Maine, I'd love to help you promote your product at an event.

Shannon and Tough Chik did not ask me to write this post and did not compensate me in any way for my glowing report.  Although--you know my address if you have something hanging around you want to get rid of..... ;)  Size M.  Just sayin'.  The only compensation I received was the motivation and feel-good thoughts I get when I have one of the shirts on. 


Tough Chik said...

Thanks for the love Michelle and right back at ya! So happy to have you on the team. Maine chiks are pretty darn tough, I really need to get my tail feather over there, but I need to wait for summer. I am tough, but not *that* tough ;)

Teamarcia said...

I love Tough Chiks and I'm on the team too! WOOT!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am joining up too! Woohoo!

Caratunk Girl said...

I am on the team too! WOOT!

Running With The Girls said...

On the team too!!! Love it!