Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WTF Wednesday PIG Edition

I really only have one WTF thing for today but it is a doosey.  WTF is up with men in prominent positions--football coaches/church leaders--molesting children?  I am talking specifically about the Penn State thing that has just been all over the media for the past few days.  I almost had to turn the tv off last night when watching the interview by Bob Costas with him.  It was really disgusting to hear those questions being asked and to have him hesitate and dance around the answers.  It was pretty telling.  I can't imagine why his lawyer ever let him give that interview.  It is pretty apparant (to me) that he is guilty as charged.  What a freakin' pig.  I mean pig, with a capital P. I. G.  I hope everyone involved goes down and goes down hard. 

And then, here in Maine, a prominent reverend of a church just committed suicide.  It was found out that an investigation had begun regarding his having inappropriate sexual relationships with children.  It is just in the media everywhere.  It really seems that you just cannot trust anyone with your children.  In fact, it seems that the ones that should be the most trustworthy are the ones that are doing the assualt.  I just don't get it.  How do these people get away with it for so long?

Ok, enough of that.  It is depressing enough to listen to at night, I'm not going to dwell on it now.  I only hope the victims get the retribution they need/deserve. 

So I started swimming regularly again and that feels great!  Especially as I can't get out to run as much as I had been during the summer.  I am an ok swimmer, I almost completed lifeguard training but never swam as part of a swim team.  My strokes are fine, but I don't really have formal training so I can't flip turn.  Someone had mentioned that I might swim more effeciently if I were to breath every third stroke rather than every time.  I usually breathe each time on my right side.  So I tried (last year) to swim by alternating my breathing side and I just about drowned.  I cannot breathe on my left side well at all.  I swallow water and then get myself all in a tizzy so that I go back to right side breathing only.  I figured what was the point?  I surely wasn't saving any time.

Well this last time in the pool, I thought I would try to breathe every other time rather than every time, but stay on my right side.  So it goes like right arm, left arm, right, left then breathe.  I would do that every other time and I was able to maintain that for 500 yds without fatiguing myself.  I think it might make me a little faster.  I'll have to time myself to know for sure.  Any thoughts on swimming and how to breathe?

Lastly, I really have no plan in regards to my training.  What I mean is when I run, I just run.  I don't really have a plan as to keeping a certain pace or trying to do hills or anything like that.  I really don't have any experience with that so I don't know what to do.  I wonder if I could do much better if I had some plan that I were following.

I just read over this post and realized that it has rambled and jumped around and is basically just blabber.  Sorry about that.

Do you have any thoughts on swimming and breathing?

How about a running plan?

Ever have a crappy blog post? 

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Christi said...

The swimming and breathing will come with time. Just try to practice each time you swim and add more time each time you practice. I think it will come together for ya. Good luck! FYI, has some great swimming videos.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with your beginning statements! As a mother to athletes it is a very scary thing. We are supposed to be able to trust our children with their coaches/mentors. PEOPLE--GET A CLUE--A CHILD IS A CHILD!!

Caratunk Girl said...

OK, the whole Penn State thing makes me sick.

Swimming/breathing. It really is all about getting relaxed in the water...which is HARD. I had similar trouble. Have you checked out Total Immersion???

I cannot describe how it helped me, but I can tell you that their drills 100% helped me breath better...and swim better. I credit a video of theirs to helping me swim better. Forums are REALLY helpful too, people are there to answer you questions.

Oh. The other thing? Time in the pool will help you get so you can breath better.

Lisa said...

I'm "suffering" right now with a missing running plan and a crappy blog post (and maybe a little writer's block).

And I have no words about the sick people out there. So cruel for the children affected.