Monday, June 6, 2011

Bath YMCA sprint tri race report

Well, that was quite the weekend!  Saturday was busy, busy.  I spent the morning cleaning the house.  I mean CLEANING.  I took a good couple of hours and cleaned out cabinets, under beds, counters and all those places were stuff just accumulates and with each busy day, you just ignore it.  The trash can was full!  I went to the bank and the dump and brought clothes to the second-hand store.  My son had a birthday party to go to, so I dropped two kids off there and the rest of us went to pick up my race packet for the Bath tri and get groceries.  Race packet and groceries in hand, we picked up the kids and then went home to change and head to a grown-up birthday party. 

The whole family was super tired and we considered just skipping pig roast party so our game plan was to stay only until 8:00 p.m.  That way we could get home and kids to bed and I would still have time to get my stuff ready for the race in the morning.  Well, 8:00 came and it was still light out, karaoke and music were just beginning and everyone was having a great time.  So then we were shooting for 9:00.  At 9:00, there was a photo tribute on a outdoor projection screen (interrupting the Bruins game).  That was pretty funny.  Then there were rumors of fireworks.  By then, I just wanted to get home and my 5 yo started having a meltdown because he wanted to see the fireworks.  ugh.  Thankfully, they shot them off as we were getting in the car so we watched them from the car.  Finally home around 10.

I managed to get my things all together so that I could just get up at 6 and head out.  B and the kids were going to meet me later as my swim wave was the last one.  I ended up having a poor night of sleep.  I just couldn't get into a good sleep--I kept thinking I was going to oversleep and miss my race. 

I left around 6:20 and headed out.  I got there nice and early and set up my transition area and got marked.    I was wearing a tri shirt and shorts so I wouldn't have to change at all during transitions, but I didn't know how I was going to attach my race number to my shirt without having to wear it in the pool too.  A nice racer offered me her race belt that she wasn't using so that was great!  Problem solved.  It was the one thing I didn't think of.  Now it was time for sit around and wait.

BD showed up to sign up that morning for the duathalon, but unfortunately, they had closed registration but didn't update their website to indicate that.  :(  But on the bright side, I did get to visit with her while I waited for my start.  Hubby and the kids showed up just as I was heading down to get ready for my swim.  We took a quick picture--of course I messed it up.  ugh.
Why do I always close my eyes during a photo?  Like I don't know the picture is being taken....

Here we are lining up and getting lane assignments.

That big girl in the front in the black full suit kicked my ass in the swim.  At least according to my kids.  "Momma--that really big girl swam ALOT faster than you."  Great, thanks guys.  I think she was part of a relay cause I didn't see her on the bike or the run.  I finished the swim in 11ish minutes.  I about drowned myself on the last length.  I'm not sure how, but somehow, I swallowed/breathed a bunch of water as I was making the touch.  I gaked and coughed and spat the final length and somehow managed to not drown.  Off to the transition area.

I managed to do pretty well in the first transition.  I no problems at all and I really liked not needing to change my clothes.  Putting socks on wet feet is a little tricky but I got it.  I'm not one of those that could bike/run without socks.  No freakin' way.  So the extra 15 seconds spent fiddling with socks is well worth it. 
off I go!
The bike portion of this race totally and completely sucked ass was challenging.  It was very hilly and I was shifting all the time to find the right gear.  I'd get going fast and then there would be a corner so I'd slow down to make the turn, only to find a hill right around that corner!  It was really hard.  After about mile 3 ish, my front derailleur would not shift down into the smaller gear on the front wheel!  It was stuck on the big one.  So I had to work those hills with only moving the back gears.  Talk about hard!  I actually had to walk the bike for one part of a steeper hill.  I did manage to pass 3 people on the bike which was nice.  I don't think they were in my swim wave so that gave me a boost in confidence.  My lower back was killing me about half way through and this happened last time I rode my bike.  I'm wondering if this is not the right size for me.  I'm going to have them double check it when I take it in to get the gears fixed.  Finally finished the bike part:
Bike time: 41:51

Now to the run.  I wasted a few seconds messing with my bike shoes.  I would unvelcro it and it would fall back down and revelcro.  Finally managed to get my running shoes on and off I went.  I forgot to take off  my sunglasses.  Thankfully, my hubby was right around the corner getting a photo so I flung them at him.  I don't care for running in sunglasses, I sweat too much and they fall down.  You'd think I might have an in for some decent sunglasses to run with.....  I'll have to work on that.

ditching the glasses
Once I got my legs back, the run was easy for me.  There were hills but I'm used to running hills at home so they didn't bother me at all.  It was an out and back run.  I passed a couple of people on the way out and then managed to pass two more on the final stretch. 
Heading toward the finish line.

Finished and then plopped down to die rest.  Run time:  26:20.  My friend and former co-worker, Kay, saw me finish and headed over to say hi.  She had swum in a wave a half hour ahead of me so that's why she looks so relaxed and happy.
Despite what this picture shows, I really wasn't being rude to her.  Really. 

Here is a much happier photo of Kay and I after I found my lung regained my breath.

What a perfect day for the race.  The temperature was perfect, the sun was perfect and I had a great time and a decent finish.  11th woman overall.  Kay was 8th woman overall.  Yay us!  My total race time was: 1:19:21.  I was 6th in my age group.  Can you guess which age group was the biggest.... of course, the 40-49 age group.  Of the top 12 women, 1/2 of them were in my age group.  So, no award for me this time.  But I did get a great sense of accomplishment and the spirit of the race was just great.  Everyone was cheering everyone else on.  Each runner I passed on the out and back had something positive and encouraging to say, which in turn, made me do the same.  I will definately do this race again next year.  Oh!  And now I have my first medal! :)

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Christi said...

Great race report! I love that you were able to get your lung back! :)