Monday, June 20, 2011

parent's night out

What a fabulous weekend I have had!  The weather here is FINALLY summerish and just wonderful.  This is why we live in Maine.  Friday I finished work at 11 a.m. and headed to the pool to get my swim workout in.  I swam 2000 yds and was on my way.  I had to rush up to Kohl's to pick up the hubs father's day gift from the kids.  The oldest offspring thought we needed new knives since we are always complaining about how shitty dull they are.  We've had that set about 4 years and they have just bit the dust.  The built in sharpener doesn't seem to do anything at all.  So, I found the knife set and also grabbed a 2011 Bruins Stanley Cup shirt!  Oh yah!  Of course, he wants that!  Then over to Dick's to find a catcher's face mask.  No such luck though.  I didn't really want to spend $80 on a full helmet/mask for hubby to catch for the kids.  I really just wanted the old metal face thing to protect his nose/eyes.  I'll have to keep looking around.  We'll take a used one if anyone wants to be rid of a catcher's mask.  We need extra large melon head size, please. :)

Friday night we had deemed as date night.  This would be our first date night ever.  We never go anywhere without the kids unless it's someone's wedding or something like that.  B made reservations at Suzuki, a sushi restaurant in Rockland.  It was fabulous!  We talked, there was no fighting, there was no complaining about how hungry they are, there were no spilled glasses.  Oh, wait.  Yes, there was.  Let's paint the picture:  nice, quiet adult restaurant, people enjoying wine and maki rolls.  I order a lemonade (yes, that's it, no vodka....) and I'm trying to wrangle the chop sticks to grab a dumpling.  Somehow my elbow hits the lemonade glass and it doesn't just tip over and go 'tink' and break.  Oh no.  It catapultes off the wall, like it was thrown, and shatters into a million pieces.  Nice.  The guy dining behind me trying to get lucky on his first date, spins around "ARE YOU OK?"  Um, yah,  just mortally embarrassed.  The waitress comes over to help clean up and when I bend over to pick up the glass I smash (think really smash!) my head into the window planter.  Who the hell has window planters on the freakin' inside of the window anyway???  Ouch.  Large lump on the head. 

You can't see it all that well, but it's the growing egg on my forehead in/on the hairline.  Just above the giant volcano-like zit.  Good stuff.

The sushi was super though, I did manage to keep myself together for the rest of the dinner.  No more accidents.  (I'm such a big girl.)  Here's a pic of the things we ordered:
Sooooo freakin' good.  If you ever get to Rockland, make sure you make reservations and enjoy some really good sushi.  Best $100 dinner ever.

Father's Day was great as well.  Excellent weather: 70's, low humidity.  You can't ask for any more.  Maine at it's best.  Got my run done in the morning and everyone went for a mile run together after I got back.

Even the dog came!  Love that.  We did 1.5 miles with some side shuffles, skipping and jumping jacks inbetween.  It was a good day.

Keep on the lookout later this week for my giveaway!  Some sweet sunglasses...tell all your bloggy, running, biking friends!  Happy Monday!


Emz said...

Sushi head bump!!

Still worth it I bet. ;)
Looks fantastic.
You. Are. Awesome.

Teamarcia said...

Sushi place incident aside, all great stuff!
Nice job on the 6 miles too--you rock!