Friday, June 24, 2011

Warrior Weekend!

Here we are at Friday again.  Yay!  Per usual, I'm heading to swim when I get out of work, I hope to leave work early enough that I can get a mile swim in before lap time ends.  We'll see, it's looking to be a pretty busy morning here. 

We are heading out to Massachusetts later this afternoon to stay with my in-laws.  They live just outside of Boston.  If we get there early enough, we may head in to the city to walk around Faneuil Hall.  Tomorrow evening the hubs and I are both racing in the Warrior Dash!  Woot!  I am so excited!  With your registration, you get a t-shirt, a viking helmet and a beer!  What more could you want??  Click HERE if you want to see what it's all about.  Basically, a 5K obstacle course in the mud and such.  I don't have a clue what to wear because it's not about being cute at this race!  I need to find something that I don't really care about so if the mud never comes out, I won't be mad.  Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain/thundershower so I hope it's not cancelled.  Rain I don't mind, especially since we are getting all muddy!  I hope to have some photos to post on Monday--stay tuned!  Is there anyone else doing this race?  If so, hubs and I run at 6:00!

Welcome, welcome to all my new pretend friends!  Thank you for following and entering my giveaway!  I hope to not bore you to tears with all my mindless babble here.  What giveaway, you ask?  Well, the Nike Sunglasses giveaway that I just announced the other day!  Make sure you scroll down and enter!  They are pretty cool glasses and you know you want a pair!  Don't forget, you get an extra entry if you refer someone to my blog!Have a great weekend!

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