Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's up Wednesday

Here we are at hump day again.  Well, actually, it's a bit past my hump day since I have Friday off!  Yay!  I promised my daughter that I would go on her field trip with her and finally, there is a trip that is on a day that I can go!  It's supposed to be beautiful out and we are visiting an island just off the harbor.  Should be a great day.

I have a few things I wanted to share with you today.

1.  Our former house is officially for sale today.  The ad will be out in today's paper.  I am glad and sad all at once.  It was our first home and I really liked that house, but it became too small for us.  Now, we are renting it, and that is kinda a pain in the ass more work than we want.  We've decided that we would like to sell the house and take the cash and reduce our current mortgage.  Someone, please buy our house.  Quickly. 

2.  I got a new Garmin Forerunner 405 and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  (Just a queer side note--the box was found inside my closed garage.  I thought my hubby had placed it there after finding it on the deck, but no.  He did not.  How in the world the box ended up INSIDE our garage in our locked house, I do not know.  I can only hope that the garage door didn't close all the way when I was leaving in the morning and the delivery guy just placed it there.  Otherwise--mystery.)  Anyhoo--new Garmin = happy me!  My other bought-used-off-ebay-garmin was telling me incorrect milage so that was getting irritating.  Here is a generic pic of my pretty (green!) new Garmin.
Isn't it pretty? :) Now I just need to figure out how to use it..... It came with a heart monitor so that will be something new for me.  I will be thrilled to have accurate milage counts with this watch, my other one was saying I ran 5-6 miles no matter how far I ran.  The pace feature will be nice too.  I love how it has this clip-on charger thing that plugs into an outlet! 

3.  I have my first black toenail from running.  Apparantly, my mutant third toe rubs against my sneaker on my longer runs (5 miles is my longest).  I guess because it is freakishly longer than all my other toes?  Maybe I need larger sneakers if I decide that I want to do longer runs. 
It's not as bad as some other black toe nails that I have seen.  But it does explain why it was hurting on the longer run last week. 
4.  I feeling a little bit lost and let down now that my race is over with.  That sprint tri was my goal for the past 9 months and it's a little weird not having a specific goal in mind with regards to my exercise.  I guess I need to find another goal/race to set my sights on.  I don't think I'm ready to sign up (this year) for a olympic tri.  I could finish for sure, but mentally, it would be a lot of stress to get ready for in just 3 months.  I do have a husband and kids that would like to do other things than follow me around doing races.  So, I should find one more sprint tri to do in the fall and maybe a couple of short road races here and there. 

Does anyone else have that lost feeling after reaching a goal?  Do you need to have a specific goal in order to exercise effectively?  Please share.  Oh--and I know a great house in Boothbay if anyone needs a second home.....


jandreth said...

I'm totally unmotivated since completing the Rocky Coast Road Race in May. I was on cloud nine for a week (even though I was 47th out of 55) but have been totally sucking it up big time since then. I'm only averaging one run a week...which totally blows. I need to register for a run....I'm thinking the Close to the Coast in Freeport on the 18th. I figure one a month through the summer. Hoping registering and PAYING will motivate me!

Caratunk Girl said...

The hardest thing about new gear is figuring out how to use it!! DC Rainmaker has a really good review of that 405 and it even shows how to work it with pictures! Google DC Rainmaker 405 review you should find it.

Christi said...

I am always lost after completing a goal. I have to run and find a new one.

FYI, your mutant third toe means that you have high intelligence or so I have been told. Yes, I have one as well!