Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May in Review

I have recently joined Daily Mile and use it as a record to keep track of how many miles/minutes/whatever I have exercised.  I am kinda interested to see what my year-end totals will be.  I am not so good at logging in my workouts, however, so often I am logging a bunch at the end of the week, trying to catch up.  Hopefully, as I do it more, it will become more routine and I will not forget record my workouts.  So here is my May in review:

Minutes Spinning--550 minutes  (our spin bikes don't have those fancy cadance/mile counter things so we just have to go by minutes)

Miles Ran--37 miles

Yards Swimming--6200 yds

Cardio tennis--8 hours

Total Hours of Exercise--26.2  Yay me!

Races Ran--I only did one race this month and it was our local YMCA's annual race.  I did get a PR in it however, so that was nice. 

Books Read--Unbroken, Vegas Moon. 
Two completely different story types.  Unbroken is about a man who found running, was on track to become the first man to break the 4 min mile mark in the Olympics and then was drafted for the war.  His plane crashed and he and his pilot drifted at sea for 42 days.  They were found by the Japanese and then were kept as POW's for 3.5 years until the war ended.  Remarkable story about how this man survived after so many things that would have killed 99% of everyone else.  He is still alive--Louis Zamperini.  Definately read it if you have a chance to.

Vegas Moon is a fluff story about a hit man.  There are a few books by this author about this same character that are all easy, fun reads.

Wish List--I currently wish for (and have already purchased--it just needs to arrive in the mail) a new Garmin Forerunner 405.  My current Forerunner 50 is not working right lately.  Any distance that I run, it tells me I ran 5 miles.  I bought it used on ebay so haha on me.  This new one better work better or I am going to be pissed!

Goals--I am racing in the Bath YMCA's sprint tri on Sunday.  I would like to place in my age group.

Current Excitement--for the first time ever, I am excited for the kids to get out of school!  I can't wait to be able to let them sleep in, no rushing around in the morning, making lunches, fighting with tired kids.  There will be at least 2 blissful weeks of a sitter at the house so I don't have to make the kids do anything in the morning.  :)

Dislikes--spin class that gets cancelled.  Which leads me to this picture:

Me spinning with all my friends!

More dislikes--I just found out my swim wave for the tri on Sunday.  Ugh.  I'm in the very last frickin wave.  They placed me in the 'unknown' time wave.   How much does that suck?  I need to be there for the mandatory meeting at 7:45, but then I don't get to swim until 10:00!  WTF?!  Oh well, if I'd gotten my time in before last Friday it wouldn't have been too much better.  The 10 min swim group starts at 9:30.  

New Additions to the Family--this won't happen too often, unless we continue to go through cats at our previous rate, but here is a photo of the newest members of our family.  Prepare yourself for cuteness!!

Cutest freakin thing ever!!

Happy Hump Day to you all!!


Bobbi said...

Bugs me that I won't be doing the tri with you :( I'm thinking I may show up for the duathlon though. Of course, I'd be close to finishing about the time your wave starts! I'm off to run Back Bay again..... Going for 7 today! :)

Bobbi said...

This all depends on how I feel after zip lining on Saturday...haha!

Christi said...

Good luck with your tri! It sucks that you have to wait around so long though!

Adorable kittens! The pic makes me want to go out and get a sibling for my cat.