Thursday, June 9, 2011


My boy is going to be the death of me.  Seriously.  If not me, then him.  This kid is about as active and athletic as a kid can be.  He can shoot hoops (and make them!) on a regular sized hoop with a small basketball and he's been doing this since he was 3.  He can ride a bike, he can shoot bull-eyes with a bow and arrow, he's been swimming without assistance since 3 1/2ish.  He learned to dive at the same time.  He can do many (more than 20) real push-ups and can throw a football, he can hit a baseball (not off the T) thrown at him consistently. 

With all this activeness and althleticism, comes a price.  He gets hurt.  A lot.  Most of the time he gets up, cries a bit, gets mad and then gets back to whatever he was doing.  Sometimes, it's not like that.  Here is a list of his injuries to date (ones that required medical attention):

1.  Stitches in the back of his head.  Age 2
2.  Hot chocolate burn down the front his face and chest that blistered.  Age 4
3.  Tooth almost (!) knocked out but somehow the tooth didn't die and is still intact.  Age 3
4.  Broken arm.  Age 5. 
5.  Ambulance ride after falling off a climbing structure at day care.  Age 3.

So yesterday, I get a call from the school saying that D had fallen on his head/neck off the monkeybars and that he was alert and responsive but they were bringing him to the hospital by ambulance to have him checked out.  Holy Christ.  All I could think of in my head was that hit on the Bruins guy the other night when he fell on his head/neck. 

I arrived at the ER to find my 5 yo son in a cervical collar and on a flat bed waiting for x-rays.  That is a scary feeling, to see your baby in that brace.  He was talking and moving all extremities so I wasn't super worried about really bad things when I saw that.  5-6 x-rays later and he was cleared and the collar was removed. 

His greatest concern when I arrived and the first thing he said to me--Mom, can I still go fishing with Dad?  Um, sure, if you don't have a broken neck....

I don't know how this kid is going to make it to adulthood in one piece.  Any crazy boy stories to share?  I sure hope I don't have any more for a long time.

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Christi said...

My son was always hurt in grade school. We threatened to tie a first aid kit around his neck and make him wear a helmet. He had too many concussions! The worst however was when he skiied into trees and had to be airlifted to Denver. SCARY! The latest thing was trying to prove his manhood in a drunken stupor by jumping over a fire pit. Landed in the pit and burnt his hand. He sure gives me nightmares!

I wish you the best of luck!