Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bad and the Good

The bad:  yesterday was Monday.  A holiday Monday.  Which means no school.  This is one of those holidays that I still work so a babysitter was needed.  Unfortunately, we only have babysitters that are overachievers and play basketball or whatever.  So they were not available due to practice.  ugh. 

More bad:  Sissy was sick as a dog Sunday night so hubby got to stay home.

The good:  no sitter needed.

The bad:  I made about 1/4 less money in 2011 than I did in 2010.

The good:  my quarterly tax payment for Jan is quite a bit less.  (woo to making less money!)

The bad:  I am not able to control myself around my peanut butter kiss cookies. 

The good:  I make some damn good peanut butter kiss cookies.

The bad:  all my computers hate me.  My home computer will not play music I actually paid for (for the first time in many years....).  It shows it on my playlist, but it skips that song and goes to the next song.  Really?  My work computer randomly just shut off three separate times yesterday while I was in the middle of composing a detailed email which took me about an hour to write.  Of course, nothing was saved.  WTF.

The good:  there is no good in that.

except I am the phone

The bad:  it snowed again this morning.

The good:  at least it looks like winter here.

The bad:  the first house I ever owned is being sold tomorrow.  I brought two new babies home to that house.  We have marks on the wall for each kid's height as they grew.  We redid about everything in that house.  It was right next to a mini-golf and ice cream stand.  I loved that house.

The good:  we close on our other house tomorrow!  We have made a nice profit on that sale and I look forward to a lower mortgage on our current house.  I am also happy for the new owner and her son to have their own house. 

The bad:  my ass is killing me from my first go around with P90X.  My spinning buddies are back and one of them has the P90X dvds so she brought them and her computer to the Y and we did it together.  We look ridiculous and are horrible at the moves but hopefully we will get better.

The good:  my ass is killing me from P90X!  What a hard/different/challenging workout.  We just did Core today.  Strangly, my ass is what hurts, not my core....

Anything good/bad going on in your life right now?


jandreth said...

The Good: I've been exercising and making better food choices until...
The Bad....Your daughter hit me up to buy Girl Scout cookies and I ordered 5 boxes!!!

Christi said...

The good I am working out more consistently. The bad I am feeling the workouts!

Unknown said...

The good: I'm blogging more
The bad: I'm blogging more