Monday, January 2, 2012

December Review and Resolution Run

December turned out to be a better month for me exercise-wise than I realized!  Even though the holidays were a stress-inducing nightmare really relaxing time, I was still able to keep my fitness and remain active.  Here are the totals for the month:

Miles Run--21.2 eek.  That is pretty pathetic.  This darkness morning and night has really put a damper on my ability to run.  Next month will be better.  I promise!

Minutes on Spin Bike--305  Way up on the spin minutes!  At least I am still getting some quality time on the spin bike.  I should really kick ass in the bike portion of my spring tris, right?

Swim--13,100 yards!  That is almost 10 miles!  Holy crap!  That is pretty good, if I do say so myself.  If I am sucking in the running department, I am really making up for it in swimming and biking.  Again, like November, the kids are just loving the new pool and want to go swimming all the time.  They are all old enough that I can just ignore them let them do their own thing in the pool, while I get my laps in.  In fact, my lap swimming is becoming infectious.  Two of my kids, Big Sissy and Manimal, are swimming their own laps and keeping track so they can join the 100 mile club too!  Sissy has somewhere around 40 laps and Manimal is at 20.  They may be out of high school by the time they reach 100 miles, but I am so glad and proud that they want to try! 

Tennis--7 hours played.  Pretty consistent with the previous month.  If she's holding the class, then I am there two times a week.  If you have a cardio tennis program near you, you should really try it if you are looking for something different to add to your routine.  It really helps with your quickness. 

Weight Training--110 minutes.  This is up a fair amount from last month as well.  If I can keep this up, I should be in pretty good shape for all my races this spring. 

Races--None this month.  I hope to do one in January but we'll see.  This is the one month that we don't have something every stinkin' weekend.  That all starts in February when AAU basketball starts.  If a race is convenient, then I'll sign up.  Not a huge priority right now.

Current Book--I never ended up reading Little Bee, so we will have to try again this month.  I'm also going to begin reading Trespassor by Jack Dorion.  I really enjoyed his first book The Poacher's Son as did my husband, so we bought his second book.  He is an author from Maine!  *bonus*  I love supporting people from Maine.

Current Song--no new music to report.  Still same old, same old.

Current Happy Thing--we have a closing date for our house!  Yay!  We are set to close on 1/18.  Right now we are trying to get last of the big things out of the house.  We (by 'we' I mean my husband and two teenaged boys) moved the million pound woodstove and my stairmaster out yesterday.  Maybe I will actually use the thing if I set it up inside.  Today the hubs is taking apart the swingset and hopefully moving that.  Then all that is left is some stuff under the deck and random paint cans etc. 

Current Healthy Food Find--I am so enjoying the spaghetti squash!  I add it to about everything in place of pasta.  You may remember my recipe here, that replaces the actual spaghetti with the spaghetti squash.  If you haven't tried it as a pasta substitute, then you should.  It is a super easy way to add vegetables to your food, and not really taste them. 

Lastly, I participated in the Resolution Run yesterday held by Amanda from Run to the Finish. ! You had to run at least 1 mile on New Year's Day.  Well, here in Maine, it was an unbelievable 48 deg outside.  And sunny!  Imagine that!  It was a Christmas New Year's Day miracle!  So I took full advantage of my family sitting on the couch watching the Patriots, and went for a run.  It was going to be a 5 mile run, but then I got going and it was warm so I took off my jacket and stashed in the the guardrail and continued on.  I got to my 5 mile turn around point and decided to just do the loop instead, which was 6 miles.  Once I got back to my driveway, I then had to keep going to retreive my jacket, which added another 1.5 miles!  So, I got a 7.5 mile run in!  Awesome!  My longest run since my 1/2 mary in October.  I am a little sore today, but it was great to know that I can still do it.  Plus, it gives me double points in the HBBC!  ha!  bonus!

I did take pictures which I will try to post later if I can get them off my ipod.  I don't have an email account linked up to the ipod so getting those photos to my work computer is a little trickier.  I'll work on it this afternoon.  Thanks, Amanda for hosting the race!

How was your December?  Did you accomplish what you wanted to?

Is your new year off to a good start?

Happy New Year to all my bloggy (and regular) friends!


Carrie said...

Great December review and awesome run yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Tough Chik! I'm looking forward to following. I am trying to that spaghetti squash recipe! I love spaghetti squash but I'm a bit tired of our recipes.

Christi said...

Congrats on a great month! You are a running beast! 7.5 miles on New Years day is impressive! I ran one mile.