Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Virtual Challenges Recap/New Threads

I just finished up two different virtual challenges this week.  The first one was the HBBC hosted by Amanda at Run to the Finish.  I don't know how I placed in the challenge, not the winner--I do know that, but that doesn't even matter.  I really enjoyed this challenge because it kept me active every single day.  Every day I wanted to make sure I had some points going on the board.  I never wanted to log a zero for the day.  How's that for motivation?  I may just keep this 'challenge' going on, but challenge myself to keep a certain number of points for each week.  I also liked this one because it gave you a bonus point for eating 7 fruits and vegetables each day.  I think I only earned that extra point 3 or 4 times, but it did keep me trying to eat more fruit to get to the magic number of 7. 

My last week of Holiday Booty Buster Challenge went like this:
--12/31 40 minutes of swim = 4 points
--1/1 8 mile run = 8 Double points for a run that day = 16 +1 (fruits/veggies) +1 (participating in Resolution Run) = 18
--1/2 1 hour of tennis = 6 + 1 veggies = 7
--1/3  1 hour of spin = 6 + 1 veggies = 7
--1/4  4 mile run = 4
--1/5  30 minutes spin and 60 min tennis 3 + 6 + 1 veggie = 10
--1/6  50 minutes of swim = 5

All in all a pretty good week. 

This overlapped with KDub's 70.3 Half Ironman Challenge which began 1/1 and ends tomorrow.  You had to complete a half Ironman in an 11 day period.  For those not in the know a 1/2 ironman is:
2100 yds swim
56 mile bike
13.1 mile run

I completed this challenge today.  Yay me!  The bike part was the hardest for me.  1 hour on the spin only equaled 16 miles so I had to get to the spin bike a bit more often than my usual.  Here is the total for how that went:

1/1--8 mile run 1:12
1/3--16 miles on spin bike 60 minutes
1/4--4 mile run 35:12
1/5--8 miles on spin bike 30 minutes
1/6--2100 yd swim in 44 minutes
1/7--10 miles on stationary bike 31 minutes
1/8--3.1 mile road race 24 minutes
1/9--8 miles on spin bike 30 minutes
1/10--16 miles on spin bike 60 minutes

I am an Ironman!

I know.  Not really.  Just let me wallow in my dream land for a little while...

Karen will choose a couple of random winners from those that complete the challenge so I have a chance to win something.  (probably the only time I will ever have a chance to win something by completing an Ironman...)

Lastly, I got some new running gear in the mail today!  I received an email from Running Skirts advertising a sale they were having on some of their skirts.  So, of course, I felt the need to make a purchase!  Ordinarily, because I am frugal (read: cheap) $72 for a capri skirt is a little high priced, but the sale price brought it down to $43 which is reasonable.  Here is the cute little number I purchased.
of course, that is me modeling it.....ha

I know!  Awesome, right? It is even better in real life.  The material is so soft and comfy and I love the pockets on the side.  I will be Miss Stylin' at the next race I run in.  I just need to find a cute top to match now. 

I also got just the skirt (with athletic shorts underneath) and a tank top.  This will have to wait until much warmer weather.

I got this one in the blue with yellow on the side and a yellow tank to match.  You should be able to see me from a mile away.  This should assure that I don't miss out on any photo taking at the finish line again.  Cute
bright outfit = good race photos, right?

I might have to start a Running Skirts Collection.  Do you suppose they take children as payment?  I have three.  I could spare one or two….  I kid.  I kid.

*Addendum*--this post was written yesterday but due to either blogger error or computer idiot error (or both), I lost half this post and had to rewrite it multiple times!  Then it wouldn't save what I rewrote.  Talk about an aggravating day!  So, I apologize if this post lacks my usual clever writing style and wit.  (Go with me.  I'm still in dream land.  You know, the place where I am witty and have completed an Ironman?)  It's hard to be witty when you've written the same thought 4 times.


Christi said...

Congratulations on finishing both of your virtual challenges!

I love the skirts!

Bobbi said...

Especially love the 2nd skirt!